Building a Green Home? Here’s What You Need to Know About Your Roof

Everyone wants to build a green home, whether they want to increase the resale value of their home or because they have a strong sense of social and environmental ethics. There are a few misconceptions about green roofing products and materials. One misconception is that eco-friendly roofing costs more than traditional roofing. In fact, the opposite is often the case. Another misconception is that there are limited eco-friendly roofing materials available. Actually, the variety of eco-friendly roofing materials has expanded tremendously over the past several years. The variety of eco-friendly roofing materials in Jacksonville continues to grow with consumer demand and progress in research and development.
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Roof Replacement in Jacksonville For All Your Roofing Needs

Does your home or office have any leakage that needs a roof replacement? Jacksonville and the surrounding areas often experience weather extremities that may require the replacement of roofs. A roof replacement is best done by experienced roofers. If you are looking for a roofer, then the team at Storm Force of Jacksonville is the place to turn.

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3 Reasons to Stop Putting off Your Roof Inspection

It goes without saying that your roof is the most important part of your home, yet it’s also the most vulnerable. Protecting you and your family from the harshest of elements is a tough job, and eventually, wear and tear may leave your roof in need of replacement. According to Home Advisor, the lifespan of your roof should stretch to about 20 to 25 years– but that’s with the inclusion of proper maintenance. In order to maintain the integrity of your roof, it pays to schedule an inspection after incidences of severe weather. This serves to help monitor any issues and catch problem areas before they begin to wreak havoc. And if the damages to your roof are extensive, you’ll know it’s time to contact the best roofers in Jacksonville for a roof restoration or replacement.

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Easiest Way to Pay for a Roof Replacement in Jacksonville

If a person needs to pay for a roof replacement in Jacksonville, they have a plethora of different contractors to choose from. What the property owner needs to do before making any decisions is assess each of the roofing contractors in the area to try to determine which one is the best choice out there. The initial step is going to the website that belongs to the roofing contractor and finding out whether they are licensed and do they have a real physical business address. In addition, the company should have Workers Comp and General Liability coverage. After the individual has identified the firms that have been offering roof replacement that meet these criteria, the property owner will need to look for feedback posted by former customers who dealt with the contractor.
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Right Way to Hire a Jacksonville Roof Repair Contractor

If a person wants to hire a Jacksonville roof repair contractor then these tips will really help them make a better-informed decision. Start by going online and writing down the names of all the different Jacksonville roof repair contractors that have websites. After the individual has gathered the names of the Jacksonville roof repair contractors that are online, the consumer should visit their individual website and find out whether this particular contractor is licensed to provide these services. While unlicensed contractors may charge less, the property owner would not be able to file an insurance claim in the future because they had an unlicensed contractor work on their property. Be sure to check out if the contractor actually has a real office with real people working in it to provide service.
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Telltale Signs You Need To Start Planning For Roof Replacement

The roof of your home plays a very important role in the overall life of your home. A roof that is leaking or poorly maintained is going to cause issues with water getting under the roof and causing problems in the interior of the home. In a best case scenario you will have water marks and minor problems, but with worse case issues you may find serious problems with mold and structural damage.

When to Replace

The reality is that every roof, no matter what material, will one day need to be replaced. Today’s roofs and shingles are much more durable than those of even a decade ago, but at some time roof replacement is something you will need to consider.

There are some simple things to look for which you can see from the ground to help you recognize when you need to seriously start to consider a roof replacement. Of course, obvious damage after a storm is often the biggest and most obvious sign, but there may be indicators even before this you can easily see.

Signs of Problems

From the outside of your home the signs of aging or deterioration of your roof can include:

  • Lifted, curled or raised shingles or patches of shingles. For tile roofs look for cracked, chipped or broken tiles.
  • Missing shingles, typically associated with heavy wind or rain.
  • Small granules from the shingles around the downspouts, in the gutters or on the ground below the edge of the roof. This is most easily noted right after heavy rain.
  • Signs of discoloration or streaking down the roof, particularly from the areas around vents and chimney flashing.

If you go up into the attic, you may also be able to notice some or all of the following:

  • Water spots or marks on the roof area or down lower around the points where the roof meets the exterior walls.
  • Moisture or mold on the roof or along the areas where the roof and walls meet inside the attic.
  • The smell of mildew or sour air in the attic area.
  • Wet or moist insulation in this area.

In some extreme cases where there have been ongoing water leaks, you may be able to see holes in the roof or areas where the wood is rotting.

If you aren’t sure if you need a roof replacement, just give us a call. We can come out and complete a free roof inspection, providing you with the information you need to determine if the time is right to consider a new roof.

A few things you need to know before replacing your roof

Although the roof on your house may reach the point where it does need to be replaced, this is not a step that you take lightly. The roof of a home is something that the homeowner can certainly observe but trying to determine the actual condition is something that only a professional roofing contractor can ascertain. When you realize that you have a problem and you are unsure whether it is a problem that can be fixed or whether complete roof replacement is needed a roofing contractor is the individual to ask. Replacing a roof is an expensive undertaking and before you go ahead with it you will want to be very sure that replacement is necessary.

Although it may turn out that a complete roof replacement is required, there are still things that you need to think about.

  • Material: A decent roof on a residential property should normally last 25 years or so. The materials that are available today are significantly different than the materials available years ago. Perhaps replacing asphalt shingles with asphalt shingles is no longer the right choice, consider all the materials that are available, choose that which will give you excellent service for years to come and meets your budget.
  • Referrals: When it comes to a roof replacement there are actually two primary considerations; one of course is the professional and quality roofing contractor, the other is the roofing material used. As you discuss the project with various roofing contractors ask them to give you a couple of referrals, homeowners that have had their roof replaced with the material you are considering. A quick phone call can confirm the quality of both the material and the contractor.
  • Replace or resurface: Building codes normally allow for two layers of roofing material. If the substrate of the existing roof is in good condition, you may consider installing new material over the old, if however the roof substrate is water damaged, rotted or weakened then the old surface must be removed, the damage repaired and then the new roof material can be installed.
  • Contract: Never take on a project like a roof replacement on a handshake, always insist on a detailed, written estimate of what has to be done and what materials will be used. If there is the possibility that additional costs will be incurred once the project is well underway, ensure that the contractor first gets your approval before proceeding.

What is extremely important when undertaking a major project such as roof replacement is trust; you need to feel confident that the contractor you hire is reputable, is known for high quality workmanship and warrants his work and the material used.

Before you hire a roofing contractor, ask a few pertinent questions

As a homeowner you will no doubt watch for any problems that may appear with your home; if the paint begins to peel no doubt you will have this taken care of, if you start to see evidence that your roof is beginning to deteriorate then you can be sure that it is time to either undertake repairs or perhaps it will be necessary to replace the roof all-together. There is a significant difference between painting the house and dealing with a deteriorated roof, hiring a roofing contractor to do the correctly job requires that you ask the right questions and hear the right answers. To ensure that the company you finally hire is reputable and capable of doing the work properly, here are a few important questions that you should ask.

  • Written estimate: Entering into a contract for anything without a detailed estimate is something that can return to haunt you. You must be provided with a written estimate that details all the work that will be done including the removal of the old roof and the installation of the replacement along with a definition of things such as landscape protection, plans for inclement weather, etc.
  • Licensed: The contractor should be licensed otherwise your recourse in the event something goes wrong will be limited. Ask to see the license, make sure it is current.
  • Insurance: The roofing contractor that you hire must have both workers compensation and liability insurance. Roofing is a potentially dangerous business, if a worker is injured while working on your roof and the company does not carry workers comp insurance you can end up paying for all the medical bills. Liability insurance on the other hand covers your property. If, in the process of repairing or replacing your roof the contractor damages your home, his liability insurance will cover the repair or replacement expenses.
  • Remove the old roof: Some contractors will attempt to save time and money by simply shingling over the existing surface. This is not acceptable, until the old shingles have been removed it is impossible to determine if the sub-structure is water damaged or rotted; if these problems are not fixed then you can expect to have continued problems.
  • Warranties: Your roofing contractor must provide a manufacturers 20 year limited warranty as the minimum with optional extended warranties available, all at no additional cost.

These few points, when answered correctly can give you the confidence that you need that you are hiring a responsible and professional roofing contractor with the best trained professional team.

Do I Need a New Roof?

The roof of your home is the most important component of protection against outdoor elements. It ensures you and your family stay safe during instances of extreme weather and protects the interior of your home against devastating damage. But what happens when it fails? That is a question no homeowner should have to answer. Let’s take a look at the warning signs commonly attributed to a failing roofing system and the steps you should take to guard against these unwanted occurrences.

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The Key to Finding the Right Roofing Contractor

As with any home improvement project, replacing your roof can sometimes be an overwhelming process. That is why it is so important to find a roofing contractor you can trust. There are many Jacksonville roofers to choose from; finding the best is a matter of doing your due diligence before signing any contract. Let’s take a look at the keys to finding the right roofing contractor.

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