3 Reasons To Choose Our Roofing Company

reason to choose roofing companyIf you need a new roof on your home or commercial business due to storm damage or simply just age, choosing the right company for the project is a very important first step. At Storm Force, we often hear stories about some of the less than positive experiences our clients have had from roofing companies in the past.

Our goal, as one of the most recognized and recommended roofing company in Jacksonville, is to turn around those negative impressions and leave every one of our clients completely satisfied with the job we have done. While this may seem like a big order, we have the background, the experience, and the expertise to make sure our roofing company promises become your reality.

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What you should expect from a competent roofing company

competent roofing companyRepairing or replacing the roof on your home is something that is not done frequently. Certainly there are unpredictable repairs that become necessary as a result of a violent storm or a falling tree and perhaps after 25 years or so the roof on your home may need to be replaced. As these things happen rarely, finding a roofing company that you feel completely comfortable with can be somewhat stressful, after all, the roof on your home is extremely important and the last thing you want is a problem.

As is true with most businesses, the roofing industry is highly competitive; as a result it can be difficult to find the right roofing company to do what needs doing at a reasonable price. When you are discussing your needs with various candidates there are a few tips that might help you better understand what to look for and what to expect.

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How To Go About Determining If Your Roofing Salesperson Is Reputable

reputable roofing salespersonWhen homeowners have a home improvement project such as installing a new roof, they must first decide what companies to bring in to evaluate the job. But will the assigned salesperson/estimator be a good one? Will this person respect their wishes and meet their expectations? In this article you’ll find a few key things to look for in a salesperson. These are things that that will help any homeowner identify who will be awarded the work.

1. Is the salesperson properly and neatly attired. Do they have identification? Did they arrive on time?

Being on time is one of the best signs of a good salesperson. This means they not only respect you as a potential client but also respect their profession and themselves.

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Roof Style-What Are the Advantages, Disadvantages and Cost

roof styleWhen you are in the market for a new roof, you should know what your options are. There are a variety of styles to select from. Some are more durable than others while some are simply more attractive in design. Each homeowner has to decide what they are most interested in and make the best decision that is best for them. A quality roofing company will discuss your options and advise you about the one best suited for your style home. Here we discuss the most widely used type of roof material for residential roofs.

Wood Shingle Roofs

This roof is a classic style. The shingles are made from a type of cedar tree; however, in some places they are made from pine trees. Wood shingles are cut by a machine. Wood roofing is among some of the most expensive roofs because of the precision needed to cut them against the grain of the lumber. These types of roofs typically start at approximately $7,000 and include the roofing material and installation. To have wood roofing installed in place of your existing roof, it could cost up to an additional $1,000. This price increases depending on the size of the roof and the structure of the roof. While the wood roofing is a bit pricey, it is one of the most attractive styles and is very durable, lasting for a very long time.

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Roofing Services-How to Make Your New Roof Last

make your roof lastHomeowners are encouraged to take good care of their roof. Many homeowners that hear this don’t actually know what this means. They only assume that they will need to deal with their roof when an issue, such as a leak, occurs. This isn’t the case. The maintenance of your roof is important and it starts by the person you hire to install your roofing. Having a roof that has been properly installed is important to how long it actually lasts. Your roof is one of the single most important features of your home and should be treated as such.

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