3 Reasons to Stop Putting off Your Roof Inspection

It goes without saying that your roof is the most important part of your home, yet it’s also the most vulnerable. Protecting you and your family from the harshest of elements is a tough job, and eventually, wear and tear may leave your roof in need of replacement. According to Home Advisor, the lifespan of your roof should stretch to about 20 to 25 years– but that’s with the inclusion of proper maintenance. In order to maintain the integrity of your roof, it pays to schedule an inspection after incidences of severe weather. This serves to help monitor any issues and catch problem areas before they begin to wreak havoc. And if the damages to your roof are extensive, you’ll know it’s time to contact the best roofers in Jacksonville for a roof restoration or replacement.

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Lower Homeowners Insurance Costs Through Wind Mitigation

One of the great things about living in Florida, and specifically in Jacksonville, is the beautiful year round weather. However, if you have been here more than a season or two you recognize that wind damage from tropical storms and hurricanes can cause considerable havoc to your roof, and you have probably wondered if there is anything you can do to give yourself some protection and lower windstorm insurance costs.

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Simplest Way to Find a Great Roofing Contractor in Jacksonville

If a property owner wants to find the best roofing contractor in Jacksonville, the very first step is going on the Internet and writing down the names of all the licensed roofing contractors in and around Jacksonville. After the individual has collected the names of all the roofing contractors, they should visit the website belonging to the contractors and find out which companies are rated BBB A+. Once the individual has gathered the names of all the roofing contractors, the next step is to double check whether the contractor is licensed. A property owner cannot hire a roofing contractor if they are not licensed or their property insurance will not cover them if they tried to file a claim in the future. Now that the property owner knows, which of these roofing contractors are licensed and which, are not, the next step is to start reviewing each of the contractors in detail.
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Selecting the Top Roofing Company in Jacksonville

Property owners that want to select the top roofing company in Jacksonville will need to spend some time screening all of the contractors. The first step is to write down the names of all the roofing companies that have websites, and then visit each of their individual websites. When the individual has identified roofing companies to consider, the next step is to find out whether the firm is licensed to offer these services. In addition, verify that they have the necessary Workers Comp and general liability insurance. Never ever, hire a contractor that is not licensed and fully insured to provide these services no matter how good they may seem to be.
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Picking the Best Roofer in Jacksonville

Individuals who want to select the best roofer in Jacksonville should spend a few moments screening all of the different firms before making any decisions. The first step is to identify all of the companies that offer roofing services in the Jacksonville area. After the names of all these firms have been established, the next step is to visit each of the firms and find out if it is a real company that is really operating in Jacksonville. Contractors that have a local presence and have local references are the bext choice., In addition, it is important that the company be in a position to really stand behind a warranty should problems occur. Roofing companies that complete several roofs each week are typically much better at their job than those who do one or fewer per week.
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Tips For Finding The Best Roofing Contractor For Your Home

At StormForce, we understand that a new roof is a big investment in your home. With today’s new technology in roofing materials and even with changes in the building code you can expect a new roof to last a lot longer than your old roof.

In addition, we provide outstanding warranties for our customers. We have a manufacturer’s limited 20 year warranty, a manufacturer’s limited 30 year warranty and a limited lifetime warranty to provide you with extra protection to the level you need.

With all that being said, we still understand it is important to work with a company, and a roofing crew, you can trust. To help you to with choosing the best roofing contractor for you home we suggest focusing in on the following key factors.

Name Recognition

After major storms in Florida, or even throughout the rainy season, you will typically get a lot of information on roofing contractor services working in your neighborhood. Many of these companies have no experience in this area and are simply here to cash in on the number of roof replacements through insurance claims.

It is important to choose a local contractor for your roofing project. Not only will this provide you with the best advice and information on roofing choices in this area, but you will be working with a company in business in your community.

Experience and Product Knowledge

At StormForce we provide a full roof replacement system, we don’t just patch up the problem. By carefully repairing and replacing seven different components of the roof we literally provide you with a new roof.

This is very different than other companies who may cut corners by simply shingling over a damaged roof deck or failing to bring your roof up to code.

Everything in Writing

When you talk to the roofing contractor StormForce assigns to your project, you will get all the information you need in a written contract. In the event that something unforeseen is discovered, we will immediately discuss the issue with you and go forward based on your approval, but not before.

Our goal at StormForce is to provide our customers with the professional, high-quality services they expect from a top roofing contractor. We would also be happy to provide you with information to contact our past customers, giving you the chance to talk directly with them about their experience.

3 Reasons To Choose Our Roofing Company

If you need a new roof on your home or commercial business due to storm damage or simply just age, choosing the right company for the project is a very important first step. At Storm Force, we often hear stories about some of the less than positive experiences our clients have had from roofing companies in the past.

Our goal, as one of the most recognized and recommended roofing company in Jacksonville, is to turn around those negative impressions and leave every one of our clients completely satisfied with the job we have done. While this may seem like a big order, we have the background, the experience, and the expertise to make sure our roofing company promises become your reality.

A Local Business

One of the reasons we can boast about being a top roofing company in this area is because we are based right here in Jacksonville. We all call Northeast Florida our home, and we have a very personal understanding of the types of storms and weather conditions your roof will have to withstand.

As a local business, we also work to support other local businesses. We buy only the top products from local suppliers, ensuring the materials we use on your roofing project are simply the best available.

Our Professional Associations

We believe the best way we can do a great job for our customers is to be a part of associations and obtain the credentialing we need to be true professionals in our field. Our roofing company is recognized as an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, a GAF Certified Weather Stopper Roofing Contractor, and we are members of the Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association.

We pride ourselves in being members of the Southside Business Men’s Club as well as an Accredited Better Business Bureau Member. We are committed to the highest standards in customer service and satisfaction, and this is something we take very seriously with each project.

Roofing Type Selection

We also believe our extensive roofing selection, suitable for a low slope or a steep slope roof, gives our roofing company the edge over the competition. We can work with you to create the look for your roof that want. We are also able to make recommendations for the best possible roofing materials for a long-lasting, durable roof for years to come.

Our goal is to not just provide you with a top roof, but also make the entire experience one you will look back on positively. To learn more about our services, give us a call or send us an email today.